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3 Days To Nintendogs: Best Friends Release!

Welcome to the Nintendog House. A vastly growing Nintendogs Fansite. Come here for news, info, and articles about this addictive title.


Oct 20: Nintendog House back on the update train. Message boards shut down. Many more names added to the name list. New Lucky Collar Article added. Errors and information mistakes fixed up.

Oct 07: Nintendogs released in Europe. New article added and FAQ updated accordingly.

Oct 02: FAQ updated with a couple of gameplay questions.

Oct 01: Over 300 main page hits. Over 1200 overall hits. Europe release countdown added to main page.

Sept 29: Name suggestions greatly improved. Now containing 400+ names and two sorting buttons. More added soon. ;)

Sept 28: 1,500,000 (1.5 million) Nintendogs copies sold worldwide. New article added in light of this.

Sept 28. Frequently asked Questions page added.

Sept 27: Nintendogs Revolution article added to the Articles Section.

Sept 27: Nintendogs: Best Friends page updated with new info. Including North American release and how the keychain can be used to clean the touch screen. Edit Text


Nintendogs: Best Friends. Coming October 24 2005
It's coming.
Sorry. Only available in North America.


Nintendog House 2005