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Article: Lucky Collar
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Aid or Placebo?

By now many have you must have found the legendary Lucky Collar. According to the description it has a stone in it that brings luck to whoever wore it. Naturally, this gave many people the idea that if it is worn on walks, it will increase your chances of finding valuable and rare goods. Some people say it works. Some people say it doesn't. Some people say it's somewhere arounf the middle. This legend went even further and had people saying that if you hung the clover clock in your house and wore the lucky colar out on walks, you'd get even better items.

I tested this legend with my Nintendogs.

My First attempt with my Lab Caboose (wearing the lucky colar): It went very good. I got another Lucky Colar, a marine clock, a meteroite, and Lisa Doll.

My Second attempt with my Corgi Tofu (wearing the lucky cola with Clover clock on the wall): Surprisingly enough the results this time were not as good. I got some valuables like a Maoi statue but still got plenty of sticks and juice bottles.

My Third attempt with my Pug Rei (wearing nothing and no clock on the wall): I didn't find too many but the items I did find were quite valuable. Another lisa-doll and a pirate hat.

From what I've experienced, it is little more than a Placebo, that makes people more confident in their walks but seems to have little effect on what they find.

And that's my two Albanian Leks :)

-Chris "Jammo" Brennan

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