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Article: Nintendogs Revolution
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A Revolution in Nintendogs?

Let's face it, when we saw the Nintendo Revolution controller you must have either had some feelings of confusion or intrigue. Although it looks bizzare, it no doubt could truly improve Nintendogs system. Not just graphics wise, but gameplay and appeal wise. The revolution could make a Nintendog seem more like a realistic family pet, and less of a toy for a single player. Think about it:

You could have your whole family get together and interact wireless with your nintendog by using different controllers. Or.. you could have individual dogs on screen for each player, and you can each compete in a multiplayer variety of the disk and agility trials. Although it could really increase the multiplayer factor, the real key to making it seem more like a real family pet, is to make it's level of interaction much higher, which could be done using the unique controller interface.

You could move a hand around by moving the controllers aim obviously, and use the A button to perform different actions. Point at the dogs tail, hold A to get a grasp of it, then pull on it by pulling back the controller. A strong tug will make it yelp, a gentle pull could get him to pay attention to you. Wiggle his tail to get him in a playful mood. Items have a whole new level of interaction with the revolution controller.

Items like tennis balls, frisbies and sticks could all be thrown with a quick flick of the controller. But unlike DS, the mechanics work just like real tennis balls, frisbies and sticks. Flick the controller fast, hard, far and upwords, the ball will fly fast, hard, far and upwords. Same if you flick softly, slowly, short, ands downwards, the ball will fly softly, slowly, short, ands downwards. It pretty much controls just like real life, again this would help make Nintendogs game seem more like a real pet.

The tug rope would also function just like a real tug rope. Depending on how hard you pull back the controler, will effect how hard the rope is being pulled. So as you practice more and more with the rope, your dog will put up more and more of a fight.

A neat idea I had was the ability to turn the lights off in your room and use a set of night-time based items. Wave a glowstick or lightwand in a dark room and your dogs will chase after it. You could also play fetch at night with glow in the dark items. A flashlight or laser pointer could also be a good item for in the dark. Aim it around the room and the dogs could chase the light for fun.

These are just some ideas. The revolution is a capable of a lot of changes in gaming for those who accept it.

And that's my two Danari. :)

-Chris "Jammo" Brennan

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