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Message Board

Warning! Please read the following Disclaimer before going to the forums.

Please make note of the following rules:

1. Spamming:
Any comment or topic which is deemed pointless or nonsensical is considered spam. Make sure the topic will contribute to the community before posting.

Do not type in all caps. You will make yourself seem obnoxious. Typing in all caps does not make your point seem more valid.

3. System Wars
We respect all systems and we don't want people slamming eachother just because of their system preferances. If you don't like a system give an educated reason why and our mods will go easy on you.

4. Flaming
Do not senselessly bash people or their opinions. 'nuff said.

5. Swearing
Try to watch your language on the forums. We have a censoring system but it can only protect so far.

6. Be Warned
Just because you do something that is not one of our main rules, doesn't mean I can't ban you for it. But just try to stay polite and you should have no problem.

Enjoy the Forums!

I agree to these rules.

I disagree to these rules.

Nintendog House 2005