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Interesting facts about items within the game.

? Block

This is an obvious referance to the classic nintendo game, Super Mario Brothers. In case you been living under a rock and never got to play this game, Mario jumps under these to reveal items.

Rubber Mushroom

This is likely a referance to the Super Mario series aswell because of it's yellow and red spots similar to mario's older games. Though it does lack the eyes.

Bowser Kart

A referance to the Mario Kart series.

Mario Kart

A referance to the Kart series of the same name.

Peach Kart

A referance to the Mario Kart series.

Green Hat

The L and green color tell that this is Luigi's Hat from the mario series.

Red Hat

Like the green hat but has a large M and red colouring. It is Mario's hat.

"Flower Waltz" Record

Flower Waltz is a real song written by Érico Fonseca.

"Surprise" Record

A joke song written Joseph Haydn who designed the song to be calm and relaxing, then spontaniously do a loud hight note to spook the listeners. It also spooks your dog in the game.

"Mario's Theme" Record

Does this one even need explanation?


Should be noted this is not a meteor meaning it must have landed on earth, then your dog found it.

Moai Statue

Similar strange statues have been found in Moai.

More will be added eventually.

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