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Nintendogs: Uncut!

A certain picture has been circulating around the internet showing a certain love-action featuring Nintendogs. With all the controvercy over the moral values in video games, someone was bound to spoof it. In case you don't know, there was a recent fiasco over Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas about a semi-pornographic mini-game which was come to be known as "The Hot Coffee Mod". This eventually caused San Andreas to reah the AO rating. Since then, hot coffee has been spoofed in webcomics, message boards, pictures, and more. Nintendogs came out shortly after The Hot Coffee issue arose so silly rumours of a "Hot Biscuit Mod" were said to be in the game. The Hot Biscuit picture started appearing all over the internet.

Here is the picture. Avert your eyes children!

This is where puppies come from.

A major part of this rumor started when it appeared on an E3 video that Shigeru Miyamoto's dog was "violating" a G4techTV employees dog. This became a growing joke on video game message boards. Later it was explained that they were not "doing the nasty" but it was a looping graphical error. If you are under the impression that you can see your dogs play "Pelvic Peanuckle" in this game, you are mistaken. Nintendo would not likely include such a feature, and none of these acts have actually been reported by Nintendog owners.

And that's my two Kopeks. :)

-Chris "Jammo" Brennan

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