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What is Nintendogs?
What is Nintendogs?
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During the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo, a demo was shown which showed a form of gaming which had a pretty untapped potentional. If you look back to the 1990s, Virtual Pets were everywhere. Tamagotchis, Giga Pets, and Nanos became an amazing success. Though they set up a good start for virtual pets, but by todays standards, the level of interaction was very primative. Virtual pets eventually died in popularity. Virtual pets rarely came out since, but when Nintendogs was released, they revived the craze at a whole new level.

When Nintendogs was released in Japan, it broke many sales records and it became the best selling Nintendo DS title to date. Japan's most popular gaming magazine, known for it's unforgiving rating system, gave it 40/40. The only games previously to earn this rating were Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Soul Calibur, and Vagrant Story.

In it's first week in Japan it sold over 168,000 unites, as well as selling 95,000 DS units, selling more than PS2 and PSP combined.

The launch in North America was also extremely successful. From it's launch on August 22 2005 to September 1 2005, it sold over 250,000 units. The overall response to the game was extremely positive. Nintendogs became one of the first DS games to recieve's Editor's Choice award. The only other at the time being Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

The success in North America has brought on the announcement of Nintendogs: Best Friends addition to be sold alongside two new Nintendo DS colors to be released for the holidays.

The Gameplay

Nintendogs is a Dog raising simulation with a higher level of interactivity than the virtual pets of the 1990's. There are 15 different breeds to choose from and raise. Plus many different personalities each dog can have. You can have up to three dogs in your room to interact with and more can be kept in a Dog Hotel. When you get your new dog, you must first name it using text and voice recording. You can use any word for any command. If you want them to roll over you could even say "Taco" or "Spongecake" and as long as you use that word he will do the command.

There are many supplies and collectables within the game. If your dogs hungry, use one of the 3 different types of dog food. If your dog is thirsty, feed him water or milk. If he get's dirty, use some shampoo and scrub on the bubbles by gently rubbing your dog with the touch screen. Is your dog bored? Whip out the old frisbee and give it a hurl. You can even go on walks, meet the neighbours dogs, and find random items scattered across the street. Feeling competitive? Join in one of the three different forms of competitions judging agility, obediance, and disk-skills.

It's a fun game that encourages you to keep playing with it's loads of unlockables, dog reliance, and an incredible ammount of depth. Certainly a revolution of Virtual Pets.

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