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Article: Nintendogs Wifi Connection
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Nintendo goes online in October. What could this mean for Nintendogs?

It's been a long wait but Nintendo has decided to go online. Nintendo Wifi Connection will be launched October 18th when Tony Hawks American Wasteland will be released for the Nintendo DS handheld. If Nintendogs was to ever use this technology, how might it be implamented?

One of the most common suggestions was having multiple players living in one neighbourhood. Although it sounds cool, there would be a major issue with latency. Nintendogs has been known to have slowdown periods even when playing alone, and lag may be extremely intense when playing with people across the globe. The slowdown may be bearable but would certainly be an incoveniance.

Another idea that came to mind was a chatline-type network. Players could host individual parks an people could join and bring their dogs to play with eachother. While the dogs play with eachother you could use toys and such but the main attraction would be chatting with the other trainers while your dogs play. It would really build up the community between nintendog owners. People could even host chatrooms with topics like "TV", "Video Games", and "anime" where people could specifically talk about their passions and hobbies while their dogs play. Lag may not be as much of an issue if they limit the rooms to 4 trainers.

A simpler idea would be trading post where you could buy, sell, and trade items online. These could also include an Auction mode where trainers could bid for rare items that people have submitted. A feedback system could be added, similar to eBay's.

Now Online play would be a bonus for a new Nintendogs game, but if it is never used, no biggie. The game works great the way it is. You know the saying, If it Aint broke, don't fix it.

And that's my two cents. :)

-Chris "Jammo" Brennan

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